Top 8 natural remedies for heartburn.

Top 8 natural remedies for heartburn.

Have you ever wondered what causes heartburn? Well, heartburn usually occurs as a result of acid reflux which is a combination of digested foods, liquid and the acid in the stomach. When these three components mix, it results in a burning sensation around the chest area. Hearts burn can occur as a result of overfeeding, obesity, pregnancy and so on. Note that heartburn is not familiar to some people as they may only experience it once in a while, but if you have this issue over and over again, it is recommended that you seek help.

Here are top 8 natural remedies for heartburn that one can use from home.

1 – Use herbs

There are herbs which have been tested countless times, and the report shows that they do work magic in relieving the irritation caused by heartburn. The best part is that all these herbs are edible and therefore, if you don’t want to take them raw, then you can always incorporate them into your foods. Some of these herbs include; mint, dill, horseradish, bay, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and many others. If there is a particular food that you love to eat but it occasionally gives you heartburn, you can prevent the problem by adding one or two of the listed herbs to the food or your favorite drinks.

2 – Drink water

Water is an essential component of human being since it does not only help us remain hydrated but it can also assist in relieving heartburn. How does it work? Water helps in healing heartburn by raising the PH in the gut. So, take a glass of water if you are affected with heartburn or if you suspect the symptom.

3 – Sit upright when and after eating your meals

Too much pressure on the stomach area is one of the causes of heartburn. This mainly occurs when people are eating their meals and after eating. So to enable food to pass smoothly to the stomach without too much pressure, make sure to maintain an upright position when eating and after eating. If you want to take a nap, try sleeping on the side and ensure that your head is in an elevated position.

4 – Avoid fatty foods and increase your protein intake

Protein foods are highly recommended for people who tend to get heartburn attacks because they help to strengthen esophageal sphincter. So, this in return reduces the heartburn attacks since the esophageal sphincter prevents the development of acid reflux around the stomach area. On the other hand, fatty foods are discouraged because they tend to reduce the pressure of the esophageal sphincter thus facilitating the development of acid reflux.

5 – Take a deep breath

Deep breathing is also a reliable heartburn remedy that you can use at home. First off it is a safe remedy and an easy one to follow. Just sit upright and take deep breathe; hold it for a while before releasing it. The deep breathing helps control and even reduce the amount of air that is being swallowed. The breath holding activity helps to strengthen the esophageal sphincter too.

6 – Use fennel seeds

Fennel seeds are usually recommended for people who have stomach issues as they consist of 16 compounds essential for soothing the stomach spasms.

How to prepare this remedy.

Grid three tablespoons of the seeds and then place the powder in a saucepan. Place the pot over heat. Then add three cups of water to the bowl and cover to steep for about 10 minutes. Strain and drink a cup of the liquid on an empty stomach.

7 – Vinegar and honey

The combination of vinegar and honey has also been approved to help in treating heartburn. These two mixtures were first used in Amish and people continue to use them due to the excellent results they give. So, add one tablespoon of vinegar and honey to a glass of warm water. Take the mixture before having your next meals probably 20 to 30 minutes.

8 – Stop smoking

Not only does the nicotine from tobacco damage your breathing system, but it also affects the stomach muscles which protects the esophagus. This means that the more you smoke, the more these walls tend to wear out hence making it easy for the acid reflux to enter o the stomach walls. Therefore, if you manage to get heartburn when you smoke, make sure to stop nicotine and try out CBD as it is healthier than nicotine.


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