How to get rid of heartburn.

How to get rid of heartburn.

Heartburn or acid indigestion

Heartburn or acid indigestion is the burning and painful sensation in the middle of the chest. Sometimes, it can extend to other parts of the body such as the stomach upper. It is possible to feel it in the other parts of the body such as the neck, in your arms, jaw, as well as the neck and so on. When you are struck with an ailment, it can last for a few minutes and can extend more than that. It can actually become a serious problem when it becomes frequent. Once you perceive the signs, you can begin to treat it to get relief.

Several factors are responsible for the problem and the most important among the causes include the type of food you consume, overeating, lying down without allowing food to digest properly after eating. Moreover, it can be manifest because of stress. Lots of factors can actually trigger the ugly the situation.

Heartburn can occur to anybody

However, some people actually have the trigger risks more than others have. Research has shown that some categories of people such as pregnant women, overweight or obese people, smokers, and those with a hiatal hernia that is bulging stomach are more prone to the problem than others because they have the risk factors in them. The fact remains that several factors can trigger this problem and some people are susceptible to the problem more than others.

The question now is how to get rid of heartburn fast. Several people have suggested different ways of getting rid of heartburn such as standing up straight when the problem manifests, losing your tight clothes when the problem occurs, as well as upper body part elevation when you experience this chest sensation.

If you are looking for how to get rid of heartburn naturally, there are different options available for you. Most of the methods discussed in this article are natural methods. They can work for you. These are not the only solutions to this problem. There are several others, it depends on the severity of your problem. Such other solutions like lifestyle changes and medical options can equally address the problem.

If all the natural methods fail to treat the problem, then you have to look for alternatives. If on the other hands you are searching for how to get rid of heartburn permanently, then you can try medications as well. All the methods provided here will bring about the permanent solution to this problem.

How to get rid of heartburn naturally.

If you want to solve this problem naturally, it means that you will not apply any form of medication to treat the problem. In fact, the medical solution should be the last line of treatment when all the known natural methods were tried and they failed to deliver the expected results. Whenever heartburn manifests, you will be very uncomfortable. The problem can be inconveniencing. Because of that, you need to start treating it before it gets out of hand. Here are some of the natural methods you can try today to address that problem permanently.

Loosen your clothes when the problem triggers

Information about heartburn indicates that it always manifests when the stomach content finds its way to your esophagus. When it is in this part of the body, it becomes a problem because stomach acids cannot get it and this means that it will not be burnt. There are also some instances where the problem could arise because you wear tight clothing and this can force the stomach content to the esophagus. To deal with that problem, it is recommended that you loosen your belt and your clothes when you are eating. This will make it easier for the stomach acid to burn the food for easy digestion. If you wear anything that can obstruct your stomach such as dress, pants, and so on, you have to loosen then to prevent further obstruction.

Elevating the upper part of your body when you lie down

Medical experts have warned that you do not need to lie down immediately after eating because it could worsen the situation. If you want to sleep, it is suggested that you raise your head and upper part of your body to prevent the food from going to the esophagus. You should know that raising your head is not sufficient, because it could not address the problem. You must endeavor to raise the upper part of your body starting from your waist up. To deal with the problem, medical experts have always recommended adjustable bed. All you need to do is to adjust the bed by setting it to a point it will be comfortable to use after raising the upper part of your body and so on. The wedge pillow is also recommended if you cannot invest in an adjustable bed.

Getting up straight

If you always suffer from heartburn, your posture could aggravate that problem. Because of that, you should be mindful of how you stand up. Your posture should be such that you stand straight. It is recommended that you stand up straight and do not bend to avoid stomach content getting to the esophagus. Sitting down or lying down is not the solution to that problem, it is better than you stand up when you begin to have the feeling or the sign of it manifesting. It is not just standing but standing up straight. The reason for this is that it will lessen the pressure on the lower esophageal sphincter. This is an important part of the stomach because it is there to ensure that food does not find its way to the esophagus.

Adding baking soda with water

If you do not solve the problem in the way you stand up, or the way you sleep and by loosening your clothes, then it is time to try other natural techniques. You can consider adding baking soda to water and mixing the content very well. These two items are not difficult to get, because they are readily available in the kitchen. Baking soda has a medicinal effect. Research has shown that when you mix it with water, it can reduce the incidence of heartburn. It does this by neutralizing the power of acid inside the stomach. A teaspoon of baking soda can actually do this magic. Add it to a glass of water and stir it to mix. You can drink them slowly until you finish all of them. This method is good when you start to experience the heartburn sensation.


Historically, ginger has medicinal values and report had it that people were trying this technique over the years and that it can work. However, there is a need for scientists to try this method to know how it works. You can add diced ginger root to the food or drinks you take. This means that you can add it to your soup, recipes and so on. When you use ginger, it is better to avoid ginger ale and the best way to avoid that is by preparing ginger tea, dried ginger root and so on.

Use supplements

There are certain supplements that you can use to treat heartburn or prevent it from happening. Certain supplements can be used and some of them include the licorice root. This can serve as a supplement and it has historical values. Some experts have reported they were using it to treat heartburn. This is because of the function it performs in the body when you take it. It has the power to enhance mucous coating located on the esophageal lining. This is good for your body, it prevents the effects of heartburn and it can prevent those damages associated with stomach acid. All that you need to do is to look for supplements that have licorice in them and one of them is the DGL, which has sufficient quantities of licorice in them.

Moreover, the supplement is free of glycyrrhizin in them. This makes it safe to eat, as it does not have any side effect. Before you take this supplement, it is advisable to consult your doctor because some of the supplements could have negative side effects. You should take it according to your doctor’s prescription. For instance, research has shown that DGL can be detrimental for those suffering from high blood pressure.

Try apple cider vinegar

Cider vinegar is another natural product heartburn patients can use to treat their condition. It is recommended that one takes this after a meal. Research has it that after taking apple cider vinegar after the meal, it can actually help people suffering from that problem. This method may not work for all the patients. It requires more research. However, if you want to try this method, dilute apple cider vinegar in a glass of water, and take it after your meal to prevent it from getting to the esophagus.

Chewing gum

One of the medical journals had reported that chewing gum after your meal could actually prevent that problem from happening. You can chew it for half an hour after taking your meal. It can reduce or even prevent heartburn from manifesting. The benefit of this method is that when you take the chewing gum, it can stimulate the production of saliva and it can facilitate food swallowing and so on. The implication of this is that it can ensure removal of stomach acid, which is the principal cause of heartburn. It ensures that it does not find its way to your esophagus.

Get rid of heartburn by avoiding the risk factors. There are certain factors known to be the major cause of the problem. It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with some of the risk factors and ensure that you avoid them. This means that there is a need for lifestyle changes.

Do not take the cigarette

If you are suffering from heartburn, you have to avoid taking a cigarette because it can worsen the situation. Even smokers who were not suffering from the problem can begin to suffer from it. If you stop smoking for a long time, the feeling will gradually die away. Just have to courage and avoid smoking today, it can help you deal with the problem. This is one of the lifestyle changes recommended to deal with the problem.

It is already stated that home remedies especially those discussed earlier in this article can deal with this problem when it hits you. The most important is that lifestyle adjustment is the most important thing that can assist you in dealing with the problem. There are those daily basis habits, which you do that aggravate that problem. You should identify those lifestyles and try to avoid them as much as possible.

Lifestyle Tips

Here are some important lifestyle tips that can assist you to deal with the problem: Do not consume those foods that trigger the problem such as spicy foods. Before your bedtime, ensure that you eat at least three hours. Do not lie down immediately after taking a meal. Ensure that you control weight because overweight and heartburn go together. If the problem continues after you have tried all these natural methods recommended in this article then you have to try other options. When you suffer from the condition frequently, you have to consult your doctor for a medical solution to the problem.

How to get rid of heartburn permanently.

If you visit your doctor, he may conduct some examinations on you to know whether you are suffering from heartburn or you are suffering from a related problem. The first thing the doctor will find out from you is the symptom. When the symptoms are there, the doctor has every reason to suspect you are suffering from heartburn. In addition to that, your doctor will find out about your current lifestyles such as the kind of food you eat, the kind of things you drink, and when you actually start to have it after eating and drinking and so on. Your doctor will consider this information useful because he will be able to pinpoint those trigger and this can help you in prescribing medication that cures the problem permanently.

It is natural in medicine that when lifestyle changes are not able to treat heartburn tests have to be conducted to know the actual cause of that problem and the possible medications. Series of tests could be conducted and here are some of the tests: One of the tests to be conducted is the PH test. This test is very important because the aim is to determine the acidity level in the esophagus. There are different ways of doing that test. The doctor knows which one to choose but the ultimate aim is to find a solution to the problem you are suffering from.


This is another form of heartburn test that you can be subjected to. The aim is to examine your stomach and esophagus. The doctor does this using the special equipment meant for it. This test can identify the cause of the problem as well as the extent of that problem.

X-Ray test

This is another test to determine the cause of heartburn. This involves taking a liquid that can coat in the digestive tract after which an X-Ray test is conducted to determine the true cause of the digestive problem.

Take over the counter heartburn drug

The doctor after conducting a series of tests will determine the best kind of medication to administer to the patient to ensure fast recovery. Most of them start from over the counter medication. There are different over the counter medications that can be used to treat that condition and get a permanent relief. Most of these medications are available in reputable pharmacies and grocery stores across the country. The fact that these are over the counter drugs means that you can take it without prescriptions. Those over the counter drugs meant for heartburn are available in three categories or classes and they include those classified as H2 blockers, antacids as well as the proton pump inhibitors.

The last one is often represented by PPIs. These medications perform different functions and your doctor can recommend one after determining the extent of the problem. H2 blockers and PPIs are often recommended if there is a high quantity of acids in the stomach. When you take them, they will reduce the acidic quantity and this can help you get your health back. These two work differently from antacids and the aim is to neutralize the stomach acid and to ensure that you get relief for the patient.

Prescription Drugs

Apart from the over the counter medicines, there are prescription drugs that can be used to treat the condition. However, prescription drugs are always the last resort after the failure of over the counter drugs to address the problem permanently. When you take antacids to deal with the problem, it will neutralize the acidic content in the stomach. The drug will begin to work immediately and potency can be there for up to three hours. However, you should know about the possible side effects when you begin to use those over the counter medications. Antacids, for instance, are known to cause diarrhea and constipation. It is not all the antacids that have that side effect.

H2 blockers

H2 blockers are other over the counter medications that are often recommended for this condition. When you take this medication, it can help your condition because it works on the problem by reducing the quantity of acidic content in the stomach. When you take it, you can begin to see the effects within the next thirty minutes of using it. The potency is more than the antacids, this is because the potency can be there for up to 12 hours. Before you take it, you have to consider the side effects and they include vomiting, nausea, headache, diarrhea, as well as constipation and other effects. It is necessary that you familiarize yourself with this before you begin to take any of the recommendations. This is why you should consume drugs solely on your doctor’s recommendation.

PPIs on the other hands can be used to treat the problem. It acts like blockers because it lowers acidic content in the stomach. When you take, it can begin to take effect within four days. When you take it, the effect can be there for a whole day. Just like the other medications discussed in this article, it is important that you know the side effects before you begin to use them. Here are the possible side effects and they include stomach pain, headache, diarrhea, vomiting as well as nausea and so on.


As you already know, there are different kinds of antacids on the market today and these are meant for different levels of heartburn such as occasional heartburn, and mild heartburn. The best antacid to use includes those with magnesium or calcium carbonate content. When you take this, it will instantly neutralize stomach acid, which is the major cause of the problem. Some antacids can do more than that. Some that prevent the problem of acid reflux. In the same way, if you are suffering from a stomach ulcer, you can treat it with antacids that contain magnesium. These act very fast as they are available in pills and liquid forms and so on.


If you are suffering from heartburn, the final solution has come your way. There are different ways of treating this problem. It is advisable to start from the natural cures discussed in this article. Chances are there that it can help you depending on the severity of your problem. The benefit of using a natural approach is that they are safe as they are not associated with any known side effects. You can resort to medication when the natural options fail. You should know about the side effects of the medications and because of that, you must consult your doctor to ensure that you are well guided. Most importantly, heartburn is caused by several factors.

Prevention is the best way out of the problem. Try to identify the causes of the problem and avoid those causes. Lifestyle changes are always recommended. No matter the type of heartburn you are suffering from, information provided in this article will help you out of the problem.


The information we offer at is for educational purposes; it does not replace conventional medical advice. We do not provide medical advice, diagnose or prescribe medication for heartburn. Visit your doctor if you have a severe health condition.