How to Avoid Heartburn Symptoms of Early Pregnancy

heartburn symptoms of early pregnancy

Expecting a baby is exciting, but heartburn symptoms of early pregnancy can turn the experience into an uncomfortable one. With so many symptoms such as nausea affecting you in your first trimester, heartburn only makes things worse. To avoid this discomfort, you might as well learn all you can about it.

What is the cause of heartburn in pregnancy?

Nothing is annoying as lying down to rest only to find it impossible due to constant heartburn. Heartburn is a common phenomenon during pregnancy and progesterone causes it. Progesterone is a hormone which results in the relaxation of the uterine muscles to create room for the unborn child. Also, it relaxes the valve positioned between the stomach and the esophagus. The valve prevents acid from going to the esophagus therefore when it relaxes; it allows acid to flow back to the esophagus. As your fetus grows in your womb, it puts pressure on your digestion organs, forcing acid to flow to the esophagus. It then leads to the burning sensation, otherwise known as heartburn. Fortunately, heartburn does not harm your baby in any way.

How to avoid heartburn in pregnancy?

Prevention, they say, is better than cure. Therefore, instead, of waiting for heartburn symptoms of early pregnancy to ruin your motherhood journey, you should try to prevent its occurrence. Some foods, for instance, fried and spicy foods can trigger heartburn. You should, therefore:

Avoid eating fatty and spicy foods.
Instead of taking large meals, opt for small regular meals.
Not lie down as soon as you finish eating; wait for at least an hour.
Elevate your head while you sleep.
Avoid taking water as you eat. Instead, drink some an hour before and after meals to ensure you stay hydrated.

Relieving heartburn symptoms of early pregnancy naturally

Unfortunately, you can try your best to prevent heartburn, but it can still torment you and make your pregnancy unbearable. When that happens, you can relieve the symptoms the natural way by:

Eating yogurt
Drinking a glass of milk
Putting a tablespoon of honey in a cup of warm milk and drinking it.

Medication for heartburn

As much as you may want to avoid drugs in your pregnancy, sometimes the natural methods may not work for you. In such a case, over-the-counter antacids should do the trick. However, before you take any medication, always consult your doctor otherwise, you may end up harming your baby, or yourself. Some antacids contain aluminum or high sodium levels which will cause fluid retention in your tissues.

Final verdict

Pregnancy should be a journey in which the mother enjoys every step as she gets closer to holding her bundle of joy. However, morning sickness, heartburn and other pregnancy symptoms can dampen the moods of the mother. While some are inevitable, heartburn symptoms do not have to be severe as an expectant woman can prevent their occurrence using the natural methods mentioned above. Still, when natural tips do not work, there is always safe medication which a health provider can recommend.


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