Discovering just what causes heartburn every day.

what causes heartburn every day

It may be sad to discover that the foods we oh so love, are what causes heartburn every day. However, there is more than just food to blame. The lifestyle of an individual which refers to factors such as high-stress levels and obesity can also contribute to heartburn. Although primarily caused by GERD, heartburn can also be a symptom of another disease, therefore it is always important to report regular heartburns to a doctor so that further medical tests can be done.

The Usual Suspects

We consider some foods as ‘bad foods’ because they have proven to lead to over one complication. Some of these foods and drinks are also to blame for what causes heartburn every day. Alcohol, coffee, and drinks that contain caffeine, fatty foods such as deep-fried fast food, are some of these usual suspects. They can contribute to heartburn, especially when taken in large quantities. The fatty foods take longer to digest and hence are held in the stomach for longer. The stomach continues to produce more acid, and this excess acid rises the esophagus.

Unusual Suspects

Some foods we consider healthy and innocent, such as citrus fruits, garlic, raw onions, and orange juice can also cause heartburn. This is because of their acidic nature, which causes a rise in the acid levels in the stomach, resulting in some of this acid comes back up the esophagus. It is therefore advisable to stay away from such foods for some time when experiencing these symptoms.

When You Eat

It is a bad idea to lie down just moments after a meal, for many reasons. Preventing heartburn is one reason. When you lie down immediately after eating, the food does not get enough time to move out of the stomach, and you can easily regurgitate it, while it still has the hydrochloric acid from the stomach, causing a burning sensation.

How Much You Eat

Eating too much food also puts you at risk of heartburn because the food stays longer in the stomach before being fully digested. This causes increased acid production, and when the acid is in abundance, it puts pressure on the muscle that prevents regurgitation into the esophagus. Overeating could be part of what causes acid every day.

Stress indicator

When an individual is experiencing elevated stress levels, they are also at risk of heartburn. Such individuals are at risk of getting GERD, which is the leading cause of heartburn.

Certain Drugs

Some drugs will irritate the esophagus when taken, and some will relax the stomach muscles, causing the sphincter that prevents regurgitation of acids from the stomach, to relax. Such medicines may include ibuprofen, naproxen, and even high blood pressure treatments drugs. Doctors sometimes advise patients to take medicine with plenty of water or after meals.

Obesity and Exercise

People who are overweight or obese are at risk of suffering from regular heartburn. Exercise, in this case, helps reduce what causes heartburn every day. It is however only proper to exercise a long while after eating, to avoid regurgitation of food upwards due to pressure exerted on the stomach during exercise.


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